2NE1: YG Entertainment K-Pop Girl Group Confirmed To Disband, CL And Dara Re-Signed To Label As Soloists


Among the many notable kpop woman teams hitting on the picture because the kpop business spiked in recognition in 2009 was the girl-group that is key 2NE1, by YG Enjoyment. Comprising four people — CL, Bom, Dara, and Minzy — they’d lead their very own route, making their own design and audio to put on their very own against different common woman teams particularly from SM Amusement and JYP Activity, Girls’ Era and Question Women respectively.

Regrettably, 2NE1’s k pop profession was abruptly put in 2014 back on break. Blackjacks (followers of the state fanclub of 2NE1) waited with bated breath, hoping due to their k pop idols to create their return. In the 2015 Mnet Oriental Music Awards (MOTHER 2015), they certainly were provided an advisable handle as 2NE1 created their phase return in the display executing their strike tunes “Fire” and “I Am the Best” (movie of return connected above).

Little might we all know the MOTHER 2015 efficiency might turn into a farewell performance. Reviews are arriving that 2NE1, the key k pop girl-group for YG Amusement, is formally disbanding. Additionally, just CL have re signed with YG Amusement to date.

2NE1, A-K-place girl-group created under YG Amusement comprising (from to remaining) Bom, Minzy, CL, and Dara, created their introduction in 2009. They fall prey towards the of K-pop eight decades being disbanded after by groups. [Picture by YG Leisure]

“Our agreement with 2NE1 came in-May of 2016 to a finish, and we fundamentally found a choice of 2NE1’s standard disbandment after lengthy dialogue as we confronted a scenario where Minzy isn’t any longer around.

The previous eight decades “For, 2NE1 was a number of YG. We can’t show how dissatisfied and annoyed we’re. Nevertheless, we decide that it’ll be challenging to carry on marketing. We determined that in the place of getting excited about 2NE1’s campaigns that were unknown, we ought to instead concentrate on the members’ promotions.

“We truly appreciate everybody who liked 2NE1 as well as their music.”

Nevertheless, there’s good quality information in the future using this scenario that is heartbreaking. Based on AllKpop, equally CL and Dara have re signed to YG Amusement for solo jobs. To become joe, this type of transfer makes sense provided the truth that they both are performing solo projects nowadays. CL is hectic within the Usa creating himself within the National music business by which she already-released two tunes, “Doctor Pepper” and “Hello W*****s.” About The other-hand, Dara is seeking a working profession by which she performed small components in E-dramas, including one alongside Jisoo of Black-Pink in Maker.

Park Bom
Playground Bom to date hasn’t re signed with 2NE1. Provided the very fact her agreement ended back combined with the relaxation of 2NE1 this season in May, it’s most likely she’ll not be re signing with YG Amusement. [Picture by YG Leisure]

Unfortunately, Bom hasn’t however re signed with YG Amusement. It had been not comprehensive if she and also the amusement organization and tag continue to be settling a brand new agreement, but provided the very fact the contract between 2NE1 and YG Amusement ended in May of the year, it’s most likely that Bom won’t be re signing together. K pop followers, particularly Blackjacks, came up using the concept that YG Amusement selected to not re sign Bom due to her 2014 scandal. Some might contact bad with this concept provided the truth that Hyun Suk, founding father and the boss of YG Amusement, has backed and guarded Bom during occasions attempting, but fundamentally he’s to complete what’s greatest for his organization.

By disbanding 2NE1 may be the newest K-pop the bipolar to be suffered by team . They join Kara of Press and 4minute two additional common, of Dice Amusement, well-known K-pop that is teams which have disbanded.

Despite the fact that 2NE1 disbanding is just a really saddening occasion for that k pop neighborhood, let’s desire its former people achievement within their future efforts and all look-back in it with liking. For k pop followers, particularly Blackjacks, who wish to own 2NE1 photos or established product, they’re available at YesAsia.

[Highlighted Picture by YG Leisure]