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He gave an Action Jackson, where he not only danced some crazy beats but also gave us some Michael Jackson’s action to us .   Although his act was not perfect, it did change the public opinion about him from some.   Yes, we are speaking about Ajay devgan.   He started out as an actor in 1991 and since then he has given us some memorable performances. One of these will probably be “The Legend of Bhagat singh” where he won his national award.

Many may not understand however, the actual name of ajay devgan is Vishal Veeru Devgan. Married to the gorgeous actress Kajol , who happens to be his favourite actress. Why not? He also enjoys bachan as a celebrity and madhubala as an actress but we are thankful he is married to Kajol with whome he has two amazing kids one kid nysa and a boy yug.

Ajay Devgan Favourite Things Food Colour Actor Actress Songs Music Movies

Ajay Devgan Favourite Things and interesting facts

With his wife, children, livelihood this celebrity prefer to parade in his free time. He’s a great artist. He can love to play in life with colors on canvas his favourite colour is black, so the reason we rarely find any other colour being worn by him. He’s a man infect according kajol , since he does not say anything, she needs to be strict with kids in his place. We have seen performances being given by him, though we can’t help but see his selection of movies has taken. In the start of his profession he started as a lover then he gave us great comedies…”Golmaal” string is one of these…and today he is on a rage spree. Piling bodies in his each other movie …his latest releases were Action jacson , the renowned Singham returns, Both action movies. Though in activity Jackson he stepped from his comfort zone and danced on hit tunes alongside sinha it was an action movie.

Ajay Devgan favorite actor

  • his wife Kajol and Madhubala

Ajay Devgan Favourite Actor

Ajay Devgan Favourite Hobbie:

  • Spend time with wife and children

Ajay Devgan Favourite role in youthful era:

Ajay Devgan Favourite Auto:

  • Toyota, Maserati, Ferrari

Ajay Devgan Favourite Food:

Ajay Devgan Favourite Things Food Colour Actor Actress Songs Music Movies

This celebrity owns quite a number of vehicles out of Maserati, Ferrari, and Mercedes to Toyota. His food is continental although he is rarely spotted on dinner dates or with kids outside of residence.

The name of devgan is vishal veeru devgan.

He enjoys Actress kajol, madhubala and mythical Amitabh bachan.

He doesn’t like to dance, his part time favorite is sketching…favored colour black…and he likes to eat continental.

Before we neglect he enjoys cricket and not to say he is married to Kajol…himself with whom he has two kids Nysaa and Yug.

Well seems like now you know everything on your favourite celebrity prepared to answer any query concerning ajay devgan.