AmaWaterways’ Holiday Wellness Commitment


AmaWaterways is making it easier than ever to maintain a fitness routine while stirring in a river refuge.

The cruise company recently announced it will expand a favorite health program to several of its boats from 2018.

Tested aboard AmaLyra, the program includes such matters as morning stretches, running, cycling, cardio/core strengthening, resistance group workouts and circuit training. In addition to each these actions, there’ll be discussion groups focused on topics ranging from healthy eating to comfort techniques.

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“Being healthy and active when traveling is something that is personally so significant for me, and as a business, AmaWaterways continues to be embracing busy travel for over a decade. We think guests are searching to take steps to ensure their holiday time is an extension of their wellness-oriented way of life, and we are so pleased to continue introducing new methods for travelers to remain healthy while on board our boats,” Kristin Karst, executive vice president and co-owner of AmaWaterways, said in a statement.

“It’s important for all of us to continue to be innovative in this area and give our guests precisely what they’re searching for through their time on board. Our health plan has been a massive success, and it’s something we are very enthusiastic about continuing.”

Launched throughout 2017 in celebration of International Wellness Day, the pilot program aboard the AmaLyra features four to six classes each day led by “Sports Scientist” Selina Wank.

It is now being expanded to AmaCerto, AmaPrima, AmaSonata, AmaDante and AmaDolce.

The exercise classes are not the only notable medical options on AmaWaterways. The business also incorporates a variety of healthful food options into its meal offerings, such as breakfast vitamin shots in addition to gluten free, low-sodium and vegetarian meal choices.

“We now provide tons of ways for our visitors to burn off these additional calories, however, we all know many of our guests simply enjoy adding some healthier choices to balance their meals,” lasted Karst.

“Whether enjoying a hearty Goulash when sailing Germany or opting for a milder, yummy vegetarian meal, our visitors will take great satisfaction knowing that the decision is theirs.”

Beyond the healthy food and also the brand new health plan, you’ll find still more ways to remain active and fit on the award-winning AmaWaterways sailings: Even the corporation’s European boats provide complimentary bicycles for independent use or as an element of guided excursions. Each can be equipped with fitness rooms which include a treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical and much more.

Since Karst is fond of saying, keeping your physical and psychological well-being doesn’t stop simply because you’re on holiday.